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I started this blog shortly after finding out my husband and I were expecting our first child in October of 2010.  In the beginning, I kept "Our Little Belly Bean" completely to myself.  Since I was the only one reading, I didn't go into much detail and editing was not a priority for me.  I used the blog as more of a documentation system for this new life I was beginning.  It was a place to put my thoughts into words. I wrote about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting with the idea that I could go back and remember my specific feelings and maybe even share them with my son as he aged.

After my Liam was born in June of 2011, I began reading many parenting/mommy blogs in search of mothers who were in the same position as I.  I felt lost at times, curious, and longed to know that I was not alone in this journey called motherhood.  The blog-o-sphere did that for me.  The more I read, the more I realized that I was not alone.  Many other moms had similar experiences as I did such as: struggling with postpartum weight loss or issues with breastfeeding.  I began to connect with these other mothers through their blogs, on Twitter, and on Facebook. I found myself longing to share my story, Liam's birth story, and my parenting views.  Finally, I decided to make my blog public.  After going back and editing posts and adding pictures, I began sharing links to this blog on my social media sites.  I received encouraging and inspiring feedback to continue sharing my story, our story.  And so I did.

I'm not the best writer.  I did not go to college for writing, I went for Social Work and that's what I do.  But, I am big on sharing my thoughts and feelings.  In doing so maybe I add an extra comma here or there or I misspell a word every once in awhile.  Just some of my writing imperfections!

I have not done giveaways.  I've thought about it and I may do some in the future, but just not yet.  I do not get paid to write or anything like that.  I paid for the domain, but that is all.  I designed this blog completely on my own, so it's not the prettiest.  I don't have an expensive camera.  Most of the photos I post are taken on my iPhone and edited.  It's just easier that way.  I have a full time job and I am a mother.  I write when I am able to find the time to sit down and do so.  I write to share what I have to say regardless of whether people listen or not, I do it.

I'm really selling this blog, huh? Haha!

Anyway, I absolutely LOVE blogging.  I love the bloggers and readers I've met through doing this.  I can honestly say this experience has changed my life in a way.  It has made me stronger and has helped me to analyze myself, my parenting skills, and to learn from my mistakes.  I have learned so much from other people's blogs and I continue to do so.

Do I care if people read my blog?  Absolutely.  I want to hear feedback, comments about your own story.  I want to know what you think.  I want suggestions and encouragement.  I am writing for myself, but I am also writing for anyone who reads my blog.  Because so many blogs have helped me as a mother, I'm hoping to help someone else.  This is the best I can do.

I want to thank anyone who reads this blog for taking the time to read my thoughts, feelings, suggestions, rantings, and whatever else.  I seriously, truly appreciate it!

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