Friday, October 17, 2014

My Perfect Nursing Bra by Bravado Designs

Ever since Charlotte was born I have been on a search for the perfect nursing bra.  Of course, I have quite a few that I dusted off from those breastfeeding days with Liam: sleep bras, workout bras, and general bras all of the nursing kind.  But with each one of these I've found some kind of annoyance that keeps me from praising it fully.  Not only that, but breastfeeding has been very different this time around.  Baby girl has a "goofy" latch according to the lactation consultant which means I am all torn up and sore.  Having a comfortable and supportive nursing bra is really important to me because of this.  

In my search for the perfect nursing bra I was looking for a few specifics:
  • Comfort- Something soft in fabric and wireless with little or no padding, but provides sufficient support.
  • Multipurpose- Something I could wear around the house, but also to wear out and about and even to sleep in.
In my search I was approached by Nancy Deane of Bravado Designs. Nancy offered to have me try out and review two of the Bravado bras.  I was unfamiliar with these bras so I checked out the website which was super helpful and even has information about breastfeeding on their site!  Bravado is a Medela company so I had a positive view right from the start since I love my Medela pump.  Nancy and I communicated via email and she helped me to find just what I was looking for in a bra by answering all my questions.  We decided that the Confetti Nursing Bra and the Elegant Embrace Nursing Bra were just what I was looking for.  In a short time two new bras in my size arrived on my doorstep and I couldn't wait to wear them.  

What caught my eye first was the patterns and colors of the bras.  Both beautiful, don't you think?

I found myself wearing the Confetti Nursing Bra first which is by far the most comfortable nursing bra- heck, maybe it's the most comfortable bra I've ever worn!  This purple (my favorite color!) polka dot bra is not only cute, but I could seriously live in it!  The bra is great for sleeping in, wearing around the house, or even going out for walks.  I could also wear it to the store or to run errands, but I think I would wear layers as the bra is thin.  Even though it is thin, the Confetti Nursing Bra is durable, soft, and the fabric is stretchy so it moves with me to provide the perfect fit.  No wires, no annoying extra padding.  The Confetti Nursing Bra is super lightweight it almost feels as if I don't even have a bra on, though the support is definitely there.  It also comes in a few different colors if purple isn't your thing :)

The Elegant Embrace Nursing Bra is not only beautiful, but it is also the perfect every day nursing bra.  I can wear it anywhere and under any type of clothing.  This low cut bra is made of cotton and lace, but the lace is flat so that it doesn't show underneath your clothes.  The bra fabric is thick without having extra padding on the inside.  It provides support and a fine shape for those newfound breastfeeding boobies!  And again, no uncomfortable wires.  The Elegant Embrace Bra even comes with a conversion and extender kit, which is nice!  

Not only are the bras themselves beautiful, but they also make me feel beautiful.  I don't often splurge on pretty bras.  To have these in my possession at a time when I'm feeling icky about myself and my body has made me feel feminine and confident in myself again.  

Both bras unsnap in the front and have full drop away bra cups to give your baby easy access to his or her food source.  With Bravado Designs, the bras are true to size and sizing information can be obtained on their website to ensure the perfect fit.  These products also held up conpletely after washing.   Nursing pads fit perfectly inside these two bras as well.  Breastfeeding is a breeze with these bras!

For more information on the Confetti Nursing Bra and the Elegant Embrace  Nursing Bra along with many other nursing products by Bravado Designs visit

The opinions written in this post are entirely my own.  


  1. I am getting ready for baby #2 to arrive this winter holiday and I have pulled out my two sets of nursing bras from baby #1: a variety of Pea in the Pod bras (totally worn out and need to be replaced) and some Medela bras (thought they would work great with the pump I bought but they were impossible to clip and unclip, so they are completely unused). I will look into these Bravado bras. You are the second blogger who has raved about them!

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