Wednesday, February 6, 2013

High Fives for Munchkin Meals!

It's been awhile since I last linked up on a Munchkin Meals Post.  I think I deserve a high five.  And I know for sure that Liam would agree since high fives are really his thing lately.  They've actually become a significant role at meal times!

One evening during dinner I realized that "bribing" Liam (almost 20 months!) with high fives motivated him to take more bites of his food, particularly veggies or food that he didn't try yet because he thought it was something he wouldn't like.  The past couple weeks it has been working like a charm and it's such a simple reward for him especially when he begins to get distracted during mealtimes.  

This simple technique has also encouraged him to eat more veggies.  It used to be like pulling teeth to get him to eat anything colorful.  Now he loves peas, carrots, cucumbers, and corn because he's actually taken the time to eat more of these foods.  Still no tomatoes or nothing leafy, but it's progress.  

Breakfast for Liam almost always consists of a banana and something like a waffle, eggs, toast, half english muffin with jelly, half bagel thin with cream cheese, or something similar.  We could really use some more suggestions on quick breakfasts because I feel like my husband and I are always rotating through the same foods for breakfast all the time.

Lunch is normally leftovers from the night before.  If not, our go to lunch items are yogurt, avocado, cheese, lunch meat, fruits, and veggies.  Liam loves mandarin oranges or applesauce with lunch.  And he's very fond of hummus right now especially on a sandwich or pita bread which he's enjoying in the picture below.  

Also, we looooovve this Perdue chicken.  It's great for a quick lunch!  Or dinner!

Liam also loves to munch on these things for snack.  

The "pouches" as we call them are requested by the little munchkin at least once daily for either snack, lunch, or dinner.  

At least once a week we enjoy a Mexican dish, my favorite...

Liam ate all of the corn and avocado, a few bites of the soft taco, and a few big bites of the rice.

We've been through some rough patches with Liam's eating habits in previous months, but I'm so proud of this good little happy eater lately!

Thanks for stopping by!

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